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Ben Askren: Dana White's claims are nothing but 'blatant lies'

One FC welterweight champion Ben Askren revealed that UFC President Dana White’s recent comments about him were nothing but lies.

The Dana White-Ben Askren saga refuses to be put to bed. Over the past few months, the two notable characters in MMA have been bickering at each other through social and professional media, leaving little to discuss behind closed doors.

Most recently, White confidently proclaimed that he is certain that Askren has no interest in fighting for the UFC when he is making a "ton of money fighting nobodies."

Askren's response was blunt and simple.

"Everything he told you is just a blatant lie about me," Askren said on The MMA Hour.

"First he said I wasn't skilled enough, and that was laughable to anyone who knew anything about MMA. Then, when they signed a 0-0 fighter, it became more about, ‘wow, really'?"

After eliminating all title challengers in his path at Bellator, Askren left for a more lucrative offer at One FC, where he has now gone 2-0 with wins over Bakhtiyar Abbasov and Nobutatsu Suzuki. Although he is perfectly comfortable with his current contract, he is adamant that he made no such comments about the UFC to anyone, including his own teammates.

"At the end of the day, the only real mutual acquaintance we have would be Anthony Pettis, the champ, and I've never said anything of that manner to Anthony. I mean, the only thing that he could possibly equate with that is I said: if I do go to the UFC, I want to be paid fairly. So maybe he assumes that because someone wants to be paid fairly, they don't want to fight in the UFC.

"But other than that, I couldn't think of anything I would've said that would've been inclined towards making someone think that."

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