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Fabricio Werdum to Jon Jones: Come to Kings MMA, let's spar with no time limit, until someone quits

UFC interim heavyweight champ Fabricio Werdum is unhappy with Jon Jones' comments about him, and is willing to take a UFC super-fight, or an 'old school' bout with no time limit.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Shortly after Jon Jones' win over Daniel Cormier at UFC 182, Fabricio Werdum went to social media and warned the champ to stay away from the heavyweight division. When asked about the context of the call out, it seems like the interim heavyweight champ is upset at Jones' earlier comments about him.

Back in November, Jones said that while he's hesitant on facing the much larger heavyweights, he sees fighters in the division he knows he would beat and that he would fight Werdum 'every day, all day'.

Vai Cavalo spoke to MMA Fighting and says his warning to Jones stems from those statements:

"He’s the one who started all this, saying he would fight me every day."

"If you want to fight me every day, come to Kings MMA. We’ll spar every day, all day, with no time limit for a week, a month, until one quits. If you want to fight me every day, that’s how it’s going to work," Werdum said. "When we have a visitor that talks too much trash, we do sparring sessions with no time limit, until someone quits. Old-school MMA."

"But if you want to fight me, we can talk to the UFC and do this superfight," he continued. "Heavyweight, catchweight, anything."

Werdum is fresh off a knockout victory over K-1 champ Mark Hunt last November. While he's open to a big money fight against Jones, he is also looking to unify the heavyweight title against Cain Velasquez sometime in mid 2015.