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UFC 182: Jones vs Cormier results - Round 2

Daniel Cormier had a very good round in round two against Jon Jones at UFC 182.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

After an intriguing first round of their UFC 182 main event, Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier came out with a better idea of how they were going to have to approach the fight. Jones has been bloodied around the nose.

Cormier looked for a takedown early in round two and almost got caught in a choke, but then landed a nice right hand before Jones pushed him into the cage. Cormier pulled Jones' head down and tried for a choke but couldn't get it and Jones tried to crank on the soulder but that wasn't there either.

Good body shot and shot to the head by Cormier and Jones is backing up. Jones with a good shot and Cormier with one in return. The two are trading big shots in the clinch and Cormier is finding a home for the uppercut.

Head kick by Jones and some follow up elbows by Jones and now Cormier with a kick and some big punches. Cormier is having a lot of success this round.

10-9 Cormier for me this round, making it 19-19.

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