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The MMA Prospectus - UFC 183: Silva vs. Diaz & UFC on Fox 14 (Rumble Edition)

Zane Simon and T.P. Grant are once again joined by Patrick Wyman for a look at the world of prospects and scouting in MMA.

Why would an MMA prospect show be talking about Anthony Johnson? Why does the sun shine? Why is the sky blue? Some things are beyond explanation. Okay... all of those have perfectly good scientific explanations, but that's really not my point. It's a metaphor, a bit of poetic happenstance. Really, it's just because in a lot of ways, Anthony Johnson represents your prototypical MMA prospect, while at the same time having a career that in no way resembles what we've been trained to think of as an MMA prospect's career. So, we figured it was worth a bit more of a look, just for that alone.

We're also talking about all the great prospect performances from UFC on Fox 14, including Viktor Pesta (no more tears... I can handle it), Mirsad Bektic, Makwan Amirkhani, and Albert Tumenov. As well as the guys we had hoped to see shining at UFC 183. Most notably Kelvin Gastelum, although news of his missed weight cut broke mid show, so this turned into a "How screwed is he?" discussion more than anything.

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And for all you people that just can't handle the handsome, here's the audio only version: MMA Prospectus: UFC 183 & Fox 14 AUDIO ONLY