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Kunlun 19 preview: Kickboxing from China featuring the true Heavyweight champion

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Take a look at the card for Kunlun 19 right here. Kunlun 19 features world class kickboxing from China, and will determine who is the man at Heavyweight.

This weekend, China plays host to a kickboxing show that, while not on the radar for US fans, is absolutely one to note. Kunlun 19 is the latest from China's Kunlun organization - a relatively recent entrant into the international kickboxing market, but one who has put on a number of notable fights already. This show is no exception.

Most notable on this event is the opening round of 8 for a Heavyweight tournament. Here are the quarterfinals:

Myun Hyun Man vs. Wu Lahan

Konstantin Gluhov vs. Mighty Mo

Hesdy Gerges vs. Igor Bugaenko

Ashwin Balrak vs. Andrei Herasimchuk

At first glance, this might look like your typical, slightly above average Heavyweight tournament. Gerges stands out as an easy favorite, with Gluhov as an interesting dark horse (and Mo for the veteran factor). But the real fight to watch here is Ashwin Balrak vs. Andrei Herasimchuk.

Herasimchuk comes into this fight after a win on a previous Kundun show over Glory Heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven. The completely unheralded Herasimchuk knocked Verhoeven down in that fight en route to a decisive win. Interesting to note is that heading into that fight, Verhoeven was the clear cut #1 Heavyweight in the world, and the true lineal champion (more on this next week from mjanacek and myself - stay tuned!) So this tournament will determine the lineal king of the Heavyweight division.

Also of note in this fight is Herasimchuk's opponent. Ashwin Balrak is a fierce fighter who holds a 2010 win over Daniel Ghita. He was making a real rise up the rankings when, in 2010, he was arrested for drug trafficking. This is his first fight since a prison sentence. With 4 years away from the sport and a jail term behind him, it's impossible to know what to expect from Balrak here, but if he can regain his form, he could become a contender on the international scene.

Also on the stacked card is a 70kg tournament semifinals and finals, which includes an absolutely great semifinal fight between Marat Grigorian and Aikpracha. You also have superfights from the great Artur Kyshenko and former Glory Lightweight champion Davit Kiria. Get the full fight card below (courtesy of

Now the bad news. This is a great card, but unless you're in China, you're not going to see it, as Kunlun does not have extensive international broadcasting in place yet. None the less, kickboxing eyes will be on China this weekend, and BE will have full results from Kunlun 19, Sunday, February 1, as they become available.

Kunlun 19 Fight Card

1. Alexis Barateau (France) vs. Bunsit (China)
2. Paul Jansen (Netherlands) vs. Xu Jifu (China)
3. Allan Aldatov (Canada) vs. Li Baoming (China)
+100Kg Tournament - GROUP B
4. Myun Hyun Man (South Korea) vs. Wu Lahan (China)
+100Kg Tournament - GROUP B
5. Konstantin Gluhov (Latvia) vs. Mighty Mo (United States)
+100Kg Tournament - GROUP B
6. Hesdy Gerges (Egypt) vs. Igor Bugaenko (Belarus)
+100Kg Tournament - GROUP B
7. Ashwin Balrak (Suriname) vs. Andrei Herasimchuk (Belarus)
70Kg Tournament - SEMI FINAL - GROUP D
8. Fernando Calzetta (Italy) vs. Mo Zhwangwei (China)
70Kg Tournament SEMI FINAL - GROUP D
9. Marat Grigorian (Belgium) vs. Aikpracha Meenayothin (Thailand)
10. Amansio Paraschiv (Romania) vs. Liu Hainan (China)
11. Davit Kiria (Georgia) vs. Zheng Zhayou (China)
12. Artur Kyshenko (Ukraine) vs. Bai Jinbin (China)
70Kg Tournament FINAL - GROUP D
13. TBD vs. TBD