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UFC 183: Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz predictions from top MMA fighters

Michael Bisping, Luke Rockhold, Josh Samman and other MMA fighters give their predictions for UFC 183's main event bout in Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

UFC 183's highly anticipated main event bout between Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz is upon us. While most of our staff have already given their predictions on the middleweight bout, has spoken to several fighters and they have given their take on this weekend's headliner.

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Michael Bisping: Anderson Silva, without a doubt.

Luke Rockhold: Man, I like Nick, but he's got an uphill battle on that fight. Silva's a lot bigger man. There's a lot of things that are going to work against Nick in that fight. You've got to put some power against Silva, and you've got to attack his legs. To be a traditional boxer, it's going to be tough to overcome. Depending on how he comes back, who knows how he's going to come back since it's been so long. Diaz has also been gone for a while, but you kinda know what to expect with a guy who has been champion for so long and understands how to fight. I think it should be a good fight, but I imagine Silva with a little bit of an edge.

Tyron Woodley: I think Silva... I don't know. It's hard to say. I think Silva does similar on what Diaz does, but in a more respectful way as far as playing around. I do think his timing and his striking is a little bit better. His kicks are definitely better. Their ground is probably going to be neutral. I can't see Diaz getting submitted by him, or him submitting Silva. I would probably say Anderson Silva.

Josh Samman: People may think this is silly, but to me this is the first actual "superfight" in UFC history. Are either one of these men champions? No, but they have been (because fuck that, Diaz beat Condit. Okay, interim champ anyway). Are they past their primes? One of them, maybe. Will we even see the same Silva that we had the pleasure of enjoying for the better half of the last decade? I'm not sure, but the good thing about fighting is we eventually find out. It stands to me that this is the one fight where one of two extremely elite high-profile fighters have stepped outside of their weight class for the sole purpose of making the fight happen. It also essentially is a contest between the two fighters most known for taunting their opponents, which is a guilty pleasure of a thing to watch, whether you admit it or not. In my mind this was the one actual fight that, when hearing about it, I thought was surely too good to be true. It still might be too good to be true, we've still got a couple weeks for disaster to strike, but barring that, when picking between two of my all time favorites I've got to go with the one I'm hoping to win. Diaz via Decision

Alberto Mina: Anderson is a legend. In my personal opinion he doesn't even need to fight anymore or to prove anything. He's a legend. He's beyond us. I like the fight stylistically, and Diaz has great boxing. I think it's going to be a big show, but overall even after coming back from such an injury, Anderson is going to be the favorite I believe.

Elizabeth Phillips: I love both of them. They're both great great fighters, very talented, very tough. It's hard to say because Silva is coming off a really bad injury, and Diaz hasn't fought in a while so I think that one will be very very close. I don't now how it goes, but I think it will end up in a decision.