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Joe Lauzon on his first fight: 'We were playing backyard football..."

J-Lau reminisces with Phoenix Carnevale about the early days of his fighting career.

Joe Lauzon is known as one of the UFC's most exciting action fighters. He's coming up on his 18th UFC bout, and the chance for his 14th performance of the night bonus. He'll be taking on Al Iaquinta at UFC 183 this Saturday, January 31st at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. But, before he stepped in the cage, he took a moment to speak with Phoenix Carnevale about his diet, his workout regiment, his relationship with the martial arts, and most notably, his first fights ever.

Here's what Lauzon had to say about the first time he ever threw hands with someone:

So, the first time I ever got in a fight was actually my buddy Jake. We were playing backyard football and he... My brother Danny, he was actually the youngest UFC fighter ever, but he hit my brother Danny, we were playing football, tackled him. And I thought it was a little cheap shot. Danny is four years younger than us. We were like... Danny was probably 12, we were probably like, 16. And I didn't like it, so me and Jake got in a fight and just... I hit him with a really good hook and bloodied his nose. And then he came to Six Flags with us the next day. So, it wasn't that big of deal, he wasn't that upset.
And this was a little bit before I was actually training. So, I wasn't as comfortable as I am now, but it's one of those things were like, you know, just friends got in an argument, neither one of us hated the other one.

But, that's not all. He also had a pretty interesting story about the first time he ever officially stepped in the cage for an MMA bout:

My first official fight, I ended up fighting main event. So, I was supposed to fight someone else. It was on a small show in Taunton, Massachussets and the guy in the main event had a school, a Tang-Soo-Do school, and he sold a ton of tickets. So, he had two or three hundred people there, and his opponent fell through. So, rather than giving away all his ticket money, back, they had me fight him. And I ended up... He dropped me with a punch, right off the bat, and then I leg locked him. So, I submitted him in like, a minute in.
Yep history repeats itself, you know? I'm always trying to get the upset. Hopefully it's not an upset on Saturday, I think I'm the favorite, but you know, always looking for submissions.

Be sure to check out the whole interview, there's a lot of interesting tidbits in there, including Joe's self described eating habits (he "eats like a fat kid) and whether he considers himself more of a fighter or a martial artist. And, if our Ooyala embed isn't working for you, you can find the interview over on YouTube as well.