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UFC 183 Video: Live stream of Conor McGregor Q&A

Starting 5 p.m. ET, watch a live stream of the Q&A from Conor McGregor

The last Conor McGregor Q&A had an entire Brazil crowd wanting his head. It did provide a lot of soundbites and now the UFC has decided to do yet another one during the UFC 183 lead up. Starting 5 p.m. ET, watch a live stream of the event as McGregor answers more questions from fans and media just weeks after earning a title shot from Jose Aldo.

According to his coach, Conor's featherweight title shot against Aldo could happen in the Summer:

"It's not 100-percent yet. There was talk of a May date. It may now actually be later in the year. I get a lot of tweets and messages, people wanting to book their flights. I would just say hold on, hold on until the UFC officially announces. But it does look like it'll be later in the year."

The polarizing figure in McGregor is likely to talk about any updates on the proposed title fight, along with many others topics on the Q&A, so stay tuned.

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