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Anderson Silva loyal to Nike, vows he won't wear Reebok

"The Spider" mentioned his relationship with Nike to justify his refusal to wear the UFC official sponsored uniform, even when it's mandatory.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Stating that he has always been a Nike fan, Anderson Silva says that he won't wear Reebok. In an interview with, "The Spider" stood firm on his position and ignored that he will be obligated to use clothes from the official UFC sponsor starting July 6th, when the International Fight Week begins in Las Vegas.

"I don't like this idea. When you use a brand, it has to be passed something true, it has to exist a connection. I have no identity with Reebok. I have always used Nike, even before our sponsor deal. I'm not stop wearing because the contract ended. There is no point making me use something with no relation with me."

Even remembering that, by rule, fighters will have to wear Reebok uniforms, the former UFC middleweight champion stuck to his guns.

For another take on the UFC's Reebok deal, here's Kid Nate with John S. Nash and Brian D'Souza on the Tete-a-Tete

"I'm not wearing because there is no truth to this. I can't pass to my fans something that is a lie. I have always ordered my uniforms to be made and I'll may still wear them. I have not signed a new contract with Nike after the end of my last deal, but I use a brand because I've always did. Not only me but all my family, we just wear Nike or Adidas."

At least for now he's allowed not to have Reebok clothes.

Anderson will enter the Octagon after 13 months this Saturday night, against Nick Diaz, in the main event of UFC 183.

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