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UFC 182: Jones vs Cormier results - Marion Reneau and Omari Akhmedov pick up victories on Fight Pass

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The UFC 182 card kicked off with a pair of fights on Fight Pass, Marion Reneau and Omari Akhmedov came out of the fights with victories.

Esther Lin

Marion Reneau opened up UFC 182's Fight Pass prelims with a shockingly one sided and violent beating of Alexis Dufresne.

Dufrense looked shockingly out of her depths as Reneau outstruck her from the opening bell. By the end of the second round Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg were discussing how it was time for the corner to step in and stop the fight, by the end of the third round Rogan was pleading for someone to step in and save the hurt and bloodied Dufrense.

Reneau took the fight by very wide scores: 30-26, 30-26 and 30-25.

A welterweight bout between Omari Akhmedov and Mats Nilsson was up next.

The two worked hard for three rounds, Akhmedov looked on the verge of a stoppage victory in the first round, but Nilsson was able to survive and get back in the fight. Both men had moments on the feet, Nilsson working a more technical striking style while Akhmedov threw shots looking for home runs.

Nilsson almost locked up a guillotine choke that got the finish in the final round but wasn't able to close the choke out before the round expired.

The official cards after the fight read 29-28 across the board, giving Omari Akhmedov the win by unanimous decision.