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Mohegan commission denies 371 lb. Tim Sylvia medical clearance to compete on Saturday night

The Mohegan Sun commission denied former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia medical clearance to compete on Saturday night.


With attention directed entirely at UFC 182 and the main event title fight between champion Jon Jones and challenger Daniel Cormier, few would have realized that another former champion was about to step in the cage that night as well.

Former UFC titleholder Tim Sylvia was scheduled to face Juliano Coutinho at Reality Fighting on Saturday night, but it appears the fight has been cancelled just hours ahead of time. It appears the Mohegan Sun commission refused to medically clear Sylvia for the fight, although details are yet to be made clear.

We do know that the former champion weighted a remarkable 371 pounds.

Monte Cox attempted to explain the situation on his Facebook page, which Sylvia later responded and said that he is "2000 grand in the hole because of all the tests."

Monte Cox

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