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Jon Jones in the midst of a maturation process: Community service has been a real blessing to me

UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones discusses the maturation process he underwent while in the midst of his community service hours.

Back in March 2012, Jon Jones was charged with driving under the influence after crashing his new Bentley with female companions in the backseat. Many, including Jones himself, saw this as a stain on his otherwise decent repertoire.

However, during a fascinating sitdown with's Ariel Helwani, Jones, who escaped jail time but was forced to do community service instead, revealed that it sparked a maturation process in himself.

"I haven't (reached that potential)," Jones explained. "Now more than ever I'm ready to mature and grow up; really start using my potential. I want to do more to give back. This community service has been a real blessing to me because I really got to be comfortable with speaking to kids and giving back. I actually just finished my hours and thought, ‘let's do some more stuff. I've got time.' So I'm really glad I got to open that door."

For Jones, a lot of different variables needed to be realized for him to evolve and become a more mature human being.

"I'm really starting to become a complete person in my personal life. Finances are together; the family is doing good; kids are in school and they're very smart. I feel like I have completed a certain level and am ready to elevate myself to a higher level.

As for how this relates to his stardom, Jones believes that maturity and stardom will go hand in hand for him. Once he develops himself, he will open up to new idea and seize more opportunities.

"I can't sit here and want (the UFC) to take control of my destiny. If I want to be more famous, or if I want to be a bigger star, there are things that I can be doing. I think it will come with my maturity, and we me actually seizing more opportunities."

Jones is scheduled to defend his light-heavyweight title against Daniel Cormier in the main event of UFC 182 on Saturday night.