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Joe Schilling on UFC's promotion of the Diaz brothers: 'It's definitely all hype'

Nick Diaz's teammate Joe Schilling understands the way that the UFC is promoting Nick Diaz ahead of UFC 183, but he says that Nick isn't in on the joke.

Esther Lin

Joe Schilling is a teammate of UFC 183 main event fighter Nick Diaz, and it doesn't seem like Schilling is the biggest fan of how the UFC promotes him. The recent "angle" where Diaz didn't show up for the open workouts and apparently arrived in Las Vegas last night instead of a few days ago played out through a couple of episodes of UFC Embedded, which you've probably heard about or seen by now. The Glory kickboxer and occasional kickboxer spoke to MMA Fighting about the whole deal, and thinks that Nick and his brother Nate Diaz are getting a raw deal:

"It's Dana White being Dana White. It's great promoting. It just sucks that Nick's not in on the joke. They always tend to really grind in on Nick and Nate's character and just the thought that they don't care. It's definitely all hype."


"Really, Nick and Nate are like the most genuine, honest people you'll ever meet in your life. It's just unfortunate that they don't play the game so their honesty comes across exactly how they are and who they are."

Schilling, who recently stated that Nick's opponent Anderson Silva would 'get wasted' in a fight under kickboxing rules, will next compete at Glory 19 against Robert Thomas on February 6th.