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Anderson Silva trolls reporters, jokes about being knocked out in training

Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva entertained himself during his pre-fight media scrum by inventing a false KO rumour to garner a reaction from the crowd.

Anderson Silva is a funny man, one that is not shy of wielding his humour as a weapon against gullible journalists.

Ahead of his highly anticipated return to the octagon for UFC 183, Silva fielded questions from reporters at the MGM Grand Garden Arena about his upcoming match-up against Nick Diaz. While generally an uneventful proceeding, Silva made it a memorable affair when he confirmed that he was indeed knocked out during a sparring session earlier this month.

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"Yeah," Silva said. "Khalil [Rountree] gave me a kick in the face. Boom."

Silva added that the kick was so powerful that it rendered him unconscious. This sent an uncomfortable murmur through the crowd.

However, once his manager Ed Soares informed him that it was best not to say such things, the former champion turned back to reporters and said: "I'm joking."

While the knockout may have been nothing more than a joke, Silva was entirely serious about hyping Khalil as the next big thing in his division.

"Khalil is the next champion at 185," Silva said.

UFC 183: Silva vs. Diaz is scheduled to take place Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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