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UFC 183: Miesha Tate: I have the best shot at beating Ronda Rousey

UFC women's bantamweight contender, Miesha Tate says she's the one to beat Rousey.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

With women's MMA being so fresh to the UFC, rematches are bound to happen with more frequency than the male divisions, due to a much smaller roster. The bantamweight division is the hot spot right now, and all eyes are on the champion, Ronda Rousey's belt.

Longtime rival, Miesha Tate will be making her 5th Octagon appearance against Olympic wrestling silver medalist, Sara McMann Saturday night at UFC 183, but she's already got her sights set back on Rousey. The two ladies already have a pair of fights in the books, with both wins going to "Rowdy," also an Olympian.

Despite failing in her attempts to claim gold, Tate is the one athlete that has lasted longest in the cage with Ronda, and she feels that factor makes all the difference. In a recent interview with FOX Sports' Damon Martin, Miesha discussed the importance of the rivalry between herself and Rousey, even going so far as saying that she has the best chance at delivering that first loss to her.

"If Ronda wins, she's beating all the other girls, so all I have to do is ward off the other No. 1 contenders like I have been.  I think I have the best shot at beating her and I think I've proven that going into the third round with her. Regardless, it's always fun for me to fight Ronda."

"I enjoy it, I thrive on it, because my No. 1 goal is to become the best fighter that I can be and Ronda always pushes me to do that."

Tate has come to the realization that despite their ongoing, bitter rivalry, Rousey brings out the best in her. It's highly unlikely that they'll ever be besties, but there is something to be said for the honest take she gives about Ronda's influence on her.

"Every time I think I become a better fighter because of Ronda.  She pushes me and motivates me in ways that other people just don't have the ability to do," Tate said.  "She motivates me to be a better fighter and a better person.  A stronger fighter and a stronger person.  So, I kind of revel in that. It's something I look forward to and I hope I will have another chance to fight her. I think beating McMann makes a great argument."

Will the third time be the charm?

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