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Report: Nick Diaz has been in Las Vegas, open workout no-show could be UFC prank

While UFC officials confirmed news of Nick Diaz not appearing at the scheduled UFC 183 open workouts earlier today, there are separate reports that suggest that he's been in Las Vegas for several days.

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Update: Nick Diaz arrived in Las Vegas on Wednesday, as evidenced by the second episode of UFC Embedded.

Earlier today it was announced by the UFC that Nick Diaz was not only skipping the UFC 183 open workouts, but he didn't even fly out to Las Vegas yesterday. The mystery surrounding Diaz's whereabouts was made into an Instagram post by Dana White, several hours before the workouts.

#WhereIsNickDiaz #UFC183 #UFC

A photo posted by Dana White (@danawhiteufc) on

White also went on Jim Rome's radio show this afternoon and detailed the events dating back to an episode of UFC Embedded, which notes Diaz missing his flight to Las Vegas via Sacramento on Tuesday: (Via MMA Fighting)

"Nick is being Nick. We don't know where Nick is. I literally Instagram'ed a picture of him on a milk carton today. He's M.I.A.," White said. "First of all, we have a show called UFC Embedded, they showed up there Sunday to start filming him -- couldn't find him. We went through his management team and they set it up, they said ‘what we'll do is we'll set up a team dinner, you guys can film at the team dinner.'

"None of them showed up at the team dinner, then nobody answered their phones when the guys started calling. So then yesterday Nick was supposed to land in Las Vegas at 2:20. He missed his flight. His management team called and said, ‘book him another flight at 7:30.' Not only did he miss the first one, he missed the second flight. His bags made it to Vegas and he never did."

This sounds like a typical "Diaz gonna Diaz" story, but there are two tweets worth noting that may leave fans a bit suspicious about the whole thing. Bleacher Report's Jonathan Snowden tweeted that Diaz has been in Vegas all week, while Diaz training partner Joe Schilling told MMA Junkie's Mike Bohn that White is well aware of where he is.

It certainly seems a bit odd that the UFC has been playing off of Nick's historical no-shows on Embedded and in interviews, especially when you consider past punishments on him for this sort of offense.

Who's telling the truth? Has Diaz really been booked for multiple flights to Las Vegas and not boarded any of the planes, or is this all part of a promotional tool used to build up some drama heading towards the main event versus Anderson Silva? The plot thickens in this riveting game of "Where in the world is Nick Diaz?".

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