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First UFC event in Manila, Philippines set for May 16, on Fight Pass

Check out all the official details on the upcoming UFC: Manila card.

Photo by Anton Tabuena

As noted earlier, the UFC has finalized a deal to host their long overdue first show in Manila, Philippines.

Ken Berger, the Executive Vice President for UFC Asia, was at the Mall of Asia Arena with local SM executives to officially announce the details of their venue partnership and debut event in the country.

The event will be a 'Fight Night' card on May 16, at the SM MOA Arena. Unlike other international UFC events, it will be aired during the evening to cater to the local audience. The international broadcast will be at UFC Fight Pass and this would mean that the card would air on a Saturday morning for audiences in North America.

"We are thrilled to be kicking off our Asia series in Manila this year," Berger said. "As with everything I've heard, the Filipinos are the most intelligent and passionate fan base in Asia."

Also announced is that this Manila card will be the only South East Asian card the promotion will have, meaning any plans for a return to Singapore isn't going to happen in 2015. Berger says that their next Asian card is targeted for fall.

According to SM's Edgar Tejerero, the Ticket sales are going to start about two months before the event.

As expected, no fights were officially announced just yet, but local UFC stars such as Mark Eddiva and Roldan Sangcha-an are expected to be competing on the event.

Neil Rooke was first to break the news of the May 16 date.

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