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Randy Couture reflects on GOAT in MMA – Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre, or Fedor Emelianenko

Former UFC champion Randy Couture ponders the ‘Greatest of All Time’ in MMA.

Several months ago, jiu-jitsu promotion Metamoris piqued fan interest when they revealed that there was a discussion to have former UFC champion Randy Couture and Pride legend Fedor Emelianenko compete in a grappling match for the promotion.

This was great news for fans that wanted to see the two fighters compete for years. However, while Couture did admit that he was approached about the idea, he doubts it will ever come to fruition for a multitude of reasons.

"Metamoris approached me about a grappling match with him," Couture told "I don't know how realistic that is. I'm going on four years without any kind of competition. I train all the time still, and I'm in great shape. But there is still a difference between being in shape as an actor or an athlete, and being in top competitive shape for a fight or a grappling match. I don't know how realistic it is but I'd certainly entertain the idea."

When asked whether he considers Fedor to be the greatest fighter of all time, Couture could not bring himself to agree with the statement, and added several other names to the list, including Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre.

"I don't know. It is like a pound-for-pound thing. We could debate it for hours. Why wouldn't Georges (St-Pierre) be on that list? He is certainly one of the best fighters that MMA has seen in a long time.

"Fedor didn't compete as well in the American market as he did in the Japanese market. It is tough to pinpoint one guy as the greatest of all time. I don't know if I can ever settle for any one person."