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Inside the Guard with T.P. Grant: UFC on Fox 14

T.P. Grant takes a big picture look at Light Heavyweight division after the upsets and talks to Connor Ruebusch about some of the quality striking that took place in the cage.

Inside the Guard is back and takes of look at The UFC on Fox 14. The concept of the show is still the same, focus on a few key aspects of a few interesting fights and break them down. Now instead of looking at my face through a laptop webcam, I can actually use a few images and YouTube videos to help with the explanations in a Judo Chop like style. But now it comes with better audio equipment, so it should sound better this time around.

The topics covered on today's show:

Here is the YouTube link and the audio only version. And no audio issues this time around! No picture breakdowns this time around, so feel free to just listen.
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