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Anderson Silva wanted to change his walkout song, Dana White insisted on 'Ain't No Sunshine'

"The Spider" revealed that he had asked a Brazilian gospel rapper and Usher to create a new song for his return to the octagon, but the UFC president instated a veto.

Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Anderson Silva thought about changing his entrance song but had this request denied by the UFC president Dana White.

In a conversation with members of Brazilian media, the former champion revealed that he wanted his trademark "Ain't no sunshine" entrance song by DMX to be replaced by song that a Brazilian gospel rapper was going to develop with Usher.

"Ask Dana. Everytime that I talk about changing my song, he says no. Pregador Luo (Preacher Luo, in the translation) was working with Usher, who is my personal friend, in a new song but it seems that Dana doesn't want me to change, so we won't change."

Anderson explained that he was interested in switching his song because his comeback to the octagon represents a special moment for him.

"It's like my first time stepping inside the, you know? Everything is feeling so new for me. I'm returning. Man, I have to win. I'm feeling like a kid with a new toy."

Once "Ain't no Sunshine" is played on Saturday night, Anderson will face Nick Diaz in the main event of UFC 183. It will mark Spider's first fight since his gruesome leg injury, and a 14-month spell on the sidelines.

For more on the buildup to UFC 183, here's the recent conference call with Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz:

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