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Anthony Johnson reacts to Jon Jones' tweet to Gustafsson: Stepping on someone while he's down is 'screwed up'

Anthony Johnson reacts to Jon Jones' tweet to Alexander Gustafsson. He isn't a fan of stepping on people when they're down.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Johnson secured the biggest win of his career, with an impressive first round finish at the main event of UFC on FOX 14. Right after victory though, Johnson had mixed emotions and felt bad after seeing his heartbroken opponent in Alexander Gustafsson react after the loss.

"Alex had a goal, and I felt really bad. I saw him crying, and I know how it is when you have a goal and something like this gets in the way," Johnson said about trying to console his opponent. "I guess I'm human. I just felt bad. He didn't reach his goal tonight, but I'm sure he will be back 10 times stronger on his next go around."

It was a stark contrast on how the UFC light heavyweight champ reacted after the fight. Shortly after Gustafsson's tough loss in his home country, Jon Jones sent out a tweet (which was deleted shortly after) to take a shot at his former rival.

While Anthony Johnson said that he has never had any personal problems with Jones, he made it clear that he isn't a fan of that statement, especially after such a devastating loss.

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"This world is screwed up," Johnson said about Jones' tweet. "In my opinion, when somebody is down, people always wants to step on you and keep you down. No one really wants to help you up. That's why I think this world is screwed up."

"I don't know, man. Jon is who he is," he said. "He's got bigger things to worry about than Alex."

Johnson earned a UFC title shot with his efforts and says that when they face off in a few months, Jones will know that he is the "hardest puncher he's ever faced".

Johnson seems to be sticking by his guns of not stepping on fighters while they're down, as he had some sympathetic words for Jones after his drug test results went public: