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Video: Anderson Silva portrayed in documentary series 'Spider Life Show'

You can't wait until former UFC middleweight champion and arguably the greatest fighter of all time, Anderson Silva steps foot into the Octagon again? Well, then we've got something for you.

The "Spider Life Show" is a multi-episode documentary series that portrays the Brazilian superstar and his family, and follows them through his more than interesting everyday life.

In the first episode, Anderson Silva attends "Baile Charme do Viaduto Madureira", a big festival in Rio de Janeiro, enjoys breakfast with his family and tells us about training with his sparring partners. Later, you can watch him train harder and harder, play paintball with his friends and even the great Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira has a cameo.

This is Portuguese language, but with English subtitles - and it's free on YouTube, so go for it! Watch the first four episodes here.

Episode 2:

On the 2nd episode of Spider Life Show, meet the Silva's family in a traditional brazillian BBQ, the technical and hard Muay Thai training and lots of fun in the paintball with friends.

Episode 3:

The trainings get harder, and Anderson feels his ankle, but he is back in shape after acupuncture sessions. Minotauro comes by to give Spider his support and talks about the champion's determination in overcoming his challenges. Anderson mentions his son Gabriel's progress in boxing.

Episode 4:

Anderson goes to L.A with his team and the trainings gets harder. He visits his Muay Thai College and trains with Daniel Woirin.

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