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BE's Baddest Greatest Striker Tournament: #1 Lyoto Machida vs. #2 Anthony Pettis

Vote now in the Bloody Elbow Baddest Tournament to determine the Greatest MMA Striker of All Time. Today's match-up: #1 Lyoto Machida vs. #2 Anthony Pettis. Vote now!

June M. Williams

Sorry Shogun fans, the dream is dead. #3 seed Mauricio Shogun Rua put up one heck of an effort, taking out Wanderlei Silva and #2 seed Junior dos Santos to make it to the Elite 8. But the power of #1 seed Jose Aldo was just too much for him. Aldo takes the win - his third dominant win in a row - and moves on to the Final 4.

Today, we switch sides of the bracket for a 1 vs 2 battle. #1 seed Lyoto Machida squares off with #2 seed Anthony Pettis. Machida has coasted through with no trouble so far, while Pettis had a nail-bitter in the opening round, barely taking the win over Igor Vovchanchyn. Will Pettis struggle once again against the top seeded Dragon, or will he control the fight as he did against Robbie Lawler?

In order to vote, simply leave a comment. In the subject line make sure you follow these guidelines:

To vote for Lyoto Machida write: Vote - Machida

To vote for Anthony Pettis write: Vote - Pettis

Voting is open for 24 hours, so get your votes in now.

Updated tournament bracket (click to enlarge):
Thanks to June M. Williams for the tournament bracket graphic.

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