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UFC 183 conference call - Nick Diaz on current stars: 'They're not shining very hard'

Here's all the news that's fit to print from the UFC conference call featuring Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz.

We didn't learn a ton from the UFC 183 conference call, featuring Nick Diaz and Anderson Silva, but there were a few interesting nuggets interspersed with the usual run of "How ready are you?" (answer is always: "Very") type of questions. There was a lot of talk about Anderson's leg and whether he's ready to kick Nick with it, as well as some title talk, which neither man seemed necessarily prepared for.

Here's the rundown:

Conference call opened with questions for Anderson about his legs. Most notably, Anderson said that, while his camp hasn't been much different than past camps he has spent more time on his legs, because he "lost power" in them due to the injury. Otherwise, he says "It's the same. My techniques, my style, I changed nothing. I'm training harder." He's also apparently been working with the trainer he started his UFC career with again and sees this fight as something of a fresh start.

"First of all, I'm very happy to be back, because I haven't fought for a year. And now I'm very excited, because it's my legacy, it's my dream. The new Anderson is back. New strength, new technique. My thoughts are always, that I fight for me. So, when I finish the fight with Nick, I'll go on. I'm starting my career in the UFC. This is my first fight in the UFC, for me."

Much of the questions for Diaz were targeted at exactly how he'll deal with Anderson and with fighting at 185. When talking of his past success fighting up in weight, Diaz said "I have less problems with energy. When I fight at 170, especially when I fight 3 times a year, I can't be at 100% for any of those fights." He referenced this in terms of his last fight, against GSP saying "I came out really flat, didn't have a good warmup. I think [being at 185] might eliminate that problem."

In terms with how Diaz matched up with Anderson:

"I'd say, stylistically, I'm a good fighter. I'm just not a one dimensional fighter, so I think that will help me in any fight. My strength is being more versatile. I'm just not in the dark... We're doing the biggest fight there is and that's for a reason."

One reporter went as far as to imply that Diaz was, perhaps, trying to keep his strategy a secret from Anderson, pre-fight, but Diaz was quick to deny it, responding "I didn't say I don't want to give anything away, I do everything good. I'm not a one dimensional fighter."

When asked about the implications of fighting for a title in the future, neither man seemed terribly enthused. Anderson spoke of taking the fights he's offered, "I work for the UFC, so I'm part of the UFC family. If it's Dana's decision that I'm going to fight, I'm going to fight." Nick was even more business first about a title shot. "At this point in time, they're gonna use me to fight the most important guys, because the big guys they got right now, they're not shining very hard. If we make a deal for a fight, then I'll fight. It's not about fighting for a title. Now it's just more about having the right fights, making the right deal. The guys that I've beat, they're already the best there are."

Most surprising during the call, was Silva's continued response to title questions, in which he made it very clear that he doesn't like fighting Brazilians, and is especially angry when Brazilian fighters call him out. "If Dana gives me a chance for the belt, I'll fight for the belt, but I don't want to fight Brazilian guys... Lyoto is my friend, Jacare trained with me. I don't like to fight Brazilian guys."

Beyond all that, UFC 183 takes place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada on January 31st. Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz will be exclusively featured at the open workouts next week on the MGM Grand Casino floor, and the media day, Thursday, is open to the public.