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UFC 182: Lombard 'No one's calling me out. It looks like I'm a ghost or something'

In a recent interview, UFC welterweight contender, Hector Lombard discussed his lack of fight opportunities, relationship with Robbie Lawler and more.

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Believe it or not, there happen to be some other fights on tomorrow's UFC 182 card, despite the fact that the two main event fighters, light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones and Number 1 contender, Daniel Cormier seem to be taking all the limelight with their pre-fight antics. Not that I'm complaining, because the build-up to that fight has me sleepless in San Antonio while I wait for the clock to tick down.

Among the other match-ups on the card is the bout featuring Hector Lombard facing off against Season 2 TUF alum, Josh Burkman. Lombard, who hasn't fought since March of last year (a complete shellacking of Jake Shields), has called out everyone in the welterweight division, including his own teammate, Tyron Woodley. It seems the only people he hasn't called out are his own family members. Oh wait...

In a recent interview with FOX Sports' Damon Martin, Lombard discussed his lack of fight opportunities, his relationship with Robbie Lawler and even cracked wise about being willing to fight a very important member of his own family.

"No one's calling me out.  They had to sign somebody from another organization to fight me. It looks like I'm a ghost or something."

"I love Robbie. Me and Robbie's different than me and Tyron Woodley.  You have no clue what happened there, but I love Robbie," Lombard said.  "I don't know if you know this, but I wanted him to win the belt. I knew he was going to win it.

"Nicest guy around, I like him a lot.  Now that he's the champion, well I liked him before he was the champion. All the best for him."

"I'll fight my mom," Lombard joked when asked if he would fight Lawler.  "He's the champion we've got to respect that.  I've got to fight Josh Burkman on Saturday night and then we'll go from there.  Like I said before, mine and Robbie's situation is different than me and Tyron Woodley."

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