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Matt Riddle working his way to 240 lbs, now that he's stopped smoking 'The Devil's Lettuce'

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Matt Riddle looks like he's on his way to that pro-wrestling build as he's putting on heavyweight muscle.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

UFC welterweight turned pro-wrestling heavyweight? That appears to be the case with the announcement that Matt Riddle is working his way toward 240 lbs. The former Zuffa fighter and TUF contestant announced that he was working toward a career as a pro wrestler back in November and it looks like the first step in that process is adding some serious bulk... That and getting off the marijuana or "Devil's lettuce" as he calls it.

Riddle released a statement on the progress of his pro-wrestling career via MMA UK on Facebook:

As a further update, Wrestling News Source reports that Riddle has been training for his career out of Larry Sharpe's Monster Factory in New Jersey. Unlike reports on King Mo and Tito, so far the reviews seem to be positive.

Here's a video of his first day training back in November:

It seems like it could be a natural fit, after all, Riddle's striking game was tailor made for the squared circle.