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UFC Photos: The controversial scorecards from Cerrone vs. Henderson, and Pendred vs. Spencer

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Check out the official score cards from the two contested decisions on the UFC: Boston card.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

There were two contested decision at the UFC Fight Night: McGregor vs. Siver card, in the closely co-main event bout between Donald Cerrone and Ben Henderson, along with the indefensible scores on the Cathal Pendred vs. Sean Spencer bout. Here's how the judges officially scored the bouts:

As seen from the photos above, judges Doug Crosby and Sal D'Amato both scored the first two rounds for Donald Cerrone, while Mike Mena had 'Cowboy' winning the last two rounds. They also apparently misspelled unanimous as "unaminious".

While people can argue both sides of the coin on Cerrone vs. Henderson, the Pendred scores are indefensible. Despite being rocked and barely surviving rounds, judges Doug Crosby and Eric Colon scored every single round for Pendred, while David Ginsberg scored the last two rounds for him as well.

When the round is closer to a 10-8 and judges still give it a 10-9 the other way, it's pretty obvious that we need some changes to happen. Especially involving some of the most experienced judges in MMA.

Photos via @bokamotoespn and @Marc_Raimondi