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UFC Fight Night 59 results: Conor McGregor stops Dennis Siver in second round

It took longer than he said it would take, but Conor McGregor picked up a TKO win over Dennis Siver in the main event of UFC Fight Night 59.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Conor McGregor was the vastly superior striker tonight in Boston at UFC Fight Night 59. His opponent Dennis Siver gave him probably the hardest fight he's had in the UFC so far, but McGregor picked apart the German fighter and eventually got the TKO victory in the second round. And what he did after the fight was almost as entertaining as the fight itself.

McGregor (17-2, 5-0 UFC) seemed to have Siver's timing down from the start, just missing with spinning kicks and a jumping knee. Siver actually chopped him down with a a back-leg kick at one point, but McGregor popped up right away and put it back on Siver immediately.

He found a home with his straight left over and over, and cut Siver up. Siver continued to throw kicks and landed a couple of lefts of his own, but McGregor wore him down late in the round and was close to a stoppage there. Siver survived though.

Early in the second round, McGregor kept up the assault and eventually dropped Siver against the cage with a knee. Siver looked done at that point, but McGregor climbed onto him, deftly passed to mount, and took his time finishing Siver with strikes. The finish came at 1:54 of the second.

Immediately after the fight ended, he jumped out of the cage and charged directly at UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo, who didn't flinch at all while McGregor yelled at him. In fact, he smiled the whole time.

That was some pretty good build for Aldo vs. McGregor.

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