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UFC Fight Night 59: McGregor vs Siver - live results and play by play

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Top-to-bottom coverage of tonight's UFC event from Boston starring featherweights Conor McGregor and Dennis Siver.

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, in-depth play by play and discussion as UFC Fight Night: McGregor vs. Siver goes off from the TD Garden in Boston, MA. Polarizing featherweight Conor McGregor headlines the show versus veteran Dennis Siver while top lightweights Donald Cerrone and Ben Henderson handle the co-main duties.

Live results and play-by-play will commence with the preliminary card opener on UFC Fight Pass at 6 p.m. ET. Feel free to peruse this week's Vivisection for detailed predictions and analysis of all 12 bouts. The full lineup and schedule follows.

UFC Fight Night 59: McGregor vs. Siver

Conor McGregor vs. Dennis Siver

R1: McGregor misses with a wide spinning kick and they both exchange side kicks to the thigh. Siver glances with a clubbing left counter. Another spinning kick attempt from McGregor whiffs. Siver ducks under a left in pursuit of a single leg but McGregor avoids it. McGregor lands a long, fast left. Siver answers with a left of his own. More side/stomp kicks o the knee from Siver.

Jumping switch kick from McGregor is blocked but he peels off a clean left hand, has his supporting leg chopped out by a kick, and gets up to land another left. Siver glances with another counter left. Now a right body kick and left front kick from Siver to keep McGregor at bay. McGregor steps in for a knee, smashes Siver with a straight left that knocks his mouthpiece out and then pressures with a left high kick. McGregor beautifully times a left high kick. Siver shoots and half-lands it but McGregor pops right back up. Another left cross and high kick find the mark for McGregor, then he doubles up on hooks to the body. McGregor catches a kick and tosses it aside to land more punches, and then bombs away with another flurry to close the round. 10-8 McGregor.

R2: McGregor staggers Siver early with a left high kick, then plasters him with a straight left. Jumping switch kick from McGregor. Another scorching left blazes through for the Irishman. Siver shoots a halfhearted takedown that McGregor easily stuffs. McGregor unwinds a straight left that looks to land on the neck or high on the chest, and it drops Siver. McGregor falls into full mount and methodically chisels down strikes until the ref intervenes.

McGregor wildly bounces over the fence to get in Jose Aldo's face and the champ responds with a calm smile.

  • Conor McGregor defeats Dennis Siver by TKO (punches) R2 1:54

Donald Cerrone vs. Ben Henderson

R1: Cerrone leads the first two exchanges, landing two long lefts. Cerrone's straight punches emphasize his reach advantage and Henderson is cautious to let loose. Henderson commits to his first hard combo at 3:30 with a glancing step-in punch. Cerrone digs a lead right to the body. Henderson answers with a left downstairs. Henderson fakes low and comes high with a punch but Cerrone reads it and tags him with a short left.

Left body kick lands for Henderson. Cerrone grazes with a left hook and Henderson just misses with a counter hook. Left teep and low kick for Cerrone, though the latter was checked. Another lead right to the breadbasket for "Cowboy." Henderson starts to counter Cerrone's front kicks with front-leg side kicks to the knee and thigh. Henderson leads with a left to the body. Cerrone slams a partially blocked kick to the ribs. 10-9 Cerrone.

R2: A pawing right hand and more side kicks to the thigh from Henderson. Cerrone uncorks a switch kick but it's blocked. They exchange kicks. The clinch up and Henderson lands a knee to the body but Cerrone blocks the one aimed at his head. Cerrone ducks under a Henderson elbow but can't connect on the counter. Cerrone scores with another body kick and Henderson responds with a side kick. Cerrone almost runs into a quick up-knee from Henderson. I believe Henderson just threw a round heel-kick to the thigh.

Now it's a pair of heavy left body kicks and two more side kicks from outside from Henderson, who's starting to build some rhythm. Cerrone catches him with a left hook. Henderson scores with a left to the body, then glances with a right. Cerrone times a duck-under takedown as Henderson's advancing and completes it, falling into half guard. Henderson creates enough space with his hips to escape. Right body kick from Henderson, then a leaping knee. 10-9 Henderson.

R3: They hug it out in the center to start the final frame. Henderson doubles up on his jab but it's Cerrone's counter left that lands. Outside low kick for Cerrone, who dodges a low kick and a right. Cerrone grazes with a left high kick, then gets the better of the next exchange with a counter. Henderson side kicks to the thigh, then throws a punch to the leg too. Henderson catches Cerrone off-guard with a left high kick and it lands with the shin, and Cerrone looks to wobble for a second. Henderson throws another and Cerrone catches it but can't do anything with it.

Halfway through, Henderson lands a knee to the body in open space, then connects with a left down the middle. Henderson digs a hook to the body but gets taken down by Cerrone while attempting a kick. Henderson pops back up and lands another kick to the ribs. Cerrone clinches on the next exchange but can't secure the body lock. Cerrone land an outside low kick. Henderson lands a flying knee to the body, anticipating Cerrone's change of levels. Teep to the gut lands for Cerrone and they both trade kicks. 10-9 Henderson in a close one. I have it 29-28 Henderson.

  • Donald Cerrone defeats Ben Henderson by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

Uriah Hall vs. Ronald Stallings

R1: Hall sails out of his corner with an acrobatic flying knee. Stallings fearlessly wades into range and lands a body kick, then just misses with a straight right. Hall flings a left hook, a front-leg side kick and just misses with a fast spinning roundhouse kick. It was pretty though. Stallings maintains his poker face and lands a sharp outside low kick. Hall tries another spinning kick but Stallings deflects it.

Hall peppers with a quick jab but Stalings thuds a much harder left in response. Hall beautifully parries with a snapping jab and it lands clean enough to drop Stallings. Hall swarms but Stallings recovers and wards him off with up-kicks. Herb Dean calls time and ushers in the doctor to examine the eye of Stallings, which has been demolished by Hall's short left. The fight is called off.

  • Uriah Hall defeats Ronald Stallings by TKO (referee/doctor stoppage) R1 3:37

Norman Parke vs. Gleison Tibau

R1: Parke keeps Tibau at bay with punches, then whiffs with a Capoeira kick. Tibau walks Parke down but keeps cautious offensively. Parke deflects a kick and a one-two. Front kick glances for Parke. Now it's Parke who has Tibau cornered but he's backed off by a few lefts. Tibau wings a wild left and scores with a follow-up right. No dice on Parke's spinning kick.

They both throw with neither landing anything of note. Parke has a duck-under double leg stuffed. Parke glances with a right downstairs, then with a left high kick. They tie up and Parke tries a counter throw but it's denied. 10-10.

R2: Tibau vaults out of his corner with a pair of big lefts that put Parke into retreat mode. Sharp low kick from Tibau in the next exchange. They both collide with simultaneous flurries. Parke initiates a clinch and Tibau stops and puts Parke on the fence. Parke circles off and both southpaws heave one-twos in the center.

Tibau times a double leg and gets it, though Parke pops right back up and looks for a counter takedown. Knee to the thigh from Parke in the over-under. Tibau circles off and looks for his own double leg. After a short struggle, he gets it but Parke neutralizes it quickly again with a get-up. 10-10 again.

R3: The southpaws continue to joust at range with one-twos. Step-in right from Tibau followed by a glancing knee from the single collar tie. After a near head butt, Parke slices a long left through. Parke clinches up in pursuit of a double but Tibau shrugs it off and circles into open space. Parke shoots again and Tibau counters with a guillotine; Parke slips his head out and throws a left.

Parke shoots again and grazes with an elbow on the clinch break. Parke continues to press forward and lands a left. Tibau answers back with a right. Tibau shoots and Parke stuffs it. Overhand left glances for Parke. Tibau responds with a left. They clinch an Tibau partially hits a throw but Parke spins free immediately. Yeah. 10-10 again for a 30-30 draw.

  • Gleison Tibau defeats Norman Parke by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x 2)

Fox Prelims Results

Cathal Pendred vs. Sean Spencer

R1: Pendred walks through a Spencer left and ducks another on his way into the clinch. Pendred drops for a double leg and Spencer tries to widen his stance to no avail. Pendred falls into half guard and cradles Spencer's free leg to prevent the escape, but Spencer shakes it free and stands up. Pendred stays on the double leg attempt and looks for the outside trip before Spencer breaks free.

Pendred lands an inside low kick and Spencer responds with a glancing right, then a walloping right and finally a third to put Pendred on wobbly legs. Spencer stays on the trigger with punches and Pendred seems out of it at first, but shows awareness by landing a counter right. They clinch up and catch their breath, then separate and get back to work. Spencer over-commits on an overhand right and Pendred ducks under it and takes him down. Spencer gets back to his feet and Pendred contains him with a body lock. Spencer breaks the clinch and throws a left kick. 10-9 Spencer.

R2: Spencer looks to establish range with long strikes. Pendred throws a high kick that Spencer barely blocks. Spencer presses the attack, going to the body with a right. Outside low kick for Pendred. Spencer lands a penetrating one-two. Pendred lands a right down the middle and Spencer answers with a left kick and punch. Pendred telegraphs a left kick, hesitates and throws it anyway as Spencer's counter sails past his chin.

Another low kick for Pendred. And another. Spencer comes back with a right cross that slashes through Pendred's guard. Spencer closes distance with a double jab and cracks Pendred with a right. Then another. Pendred clinches and puts Spencer on the cage with a waist lock, then slips behind Spencer and hoists him for a takedown. From north-south, Pendred leg-scissors Spencer's head and tries to cinch up a kimura. Though Spencer is held in place with Pendred's legs, he breaks and escapes from the kimura. I don't think the late sub attempt was enough to out-weigh Spencer's striking edge. 10-9 Spencer.

R3: Spencer sneaks a jab in and Pendred counters with a right. Pendred shoots and Spencer shucks it off but eats a low kick after they break. Another low kick. Make it a third for Pendred but he can't get anywhere on the takedown attempt. Pendred telegraphs a flying knee that Spencer easily avoids. Spencer counters Pendred's next low kick with a right but his punches have lost some mustard. Uppercut from Pendred.

No dice on Spencer's left high kick, nor on Pendred's spinning kick. Pendred shoots another double and uses it to drive Spencer into the fence. Pendred disengages with a left hook and an ugly kick, neither of which land. Pendred goes for a single leg and gets it but Spencer's back on his feet a moment later. 10-10 for no definitive advantage on either side. I have it 30-28 for Spencer.

  • Cathal Pendred defeats Sean Spencer by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x 2)

John Howard vs. Lorenz Larkin

R1: Howard starts things off with an outside low kick. Howard catches Larkin's left high kick and uses it to drive him into the fence. Howard bangs outside knees off Larkin's thighs with a body lock. Larkin breaks the hold and circles into open space. Larkin looks to establish his jab but eats another low kick to his lead leg. After falling short or barely grazing with a few rights, Larkin connects flush with one. Howard answers with another low kick.

Larkin explodes into a left hook and a right uppercut, and the latter flattens Howard. Larkin clips him a few more times on the way down, stops to give Herb Dean a concerned look and then chambers off a barrage of shots to summon the stoppage.

  • Lorenz Larkin defeats John Howard by TKO (punches) R1 2:17

Zhang Lipeng vs. Chris Wade

R1: It takes a whole three seconds before we pause for an accidental kick below the belt to Wade. Wade forces a clinch on the restart and keeps Lipeng on the fence with an underhook. Wade holds position for a bit before hitting a hip throw from the over-under, landing a short left elbow a moment later. Lipeng works back to his feet but eats a knee to the face in the process. Lipeng answers with a knee to the body. Now it's a knee that Lipeng lands low to force another timeout. Referee Kevin MacDonald sternly warns Lipeng before restarting the fighters.

Halfway through, Wade refuses the glove touch as they're green-lighted and they clinch. Lipeng snakes in for double underhooks and lands short knees to the thigh with Wade jammed on the fence. Lipeng maintains that position until they're separated with about 40 seconds left. They waste no time in clinching up again and Lipeng puts Wade back on the fence. 10-10: first half Wade, second half Lipeng.

R2: Lipeng glances with a right hand and Wade answers with a close-range combo. Wade initiates a clinch and tries to run the pipe on a single leg but Lipeng counters with underhooks to stay afoot. They stalemate in the 50/50 clinch and Wade fends off Lipeng's high-crotch attempt, then circles him onto the fence. Lipeng peels his guard away with wrist control and spears a knee straight to Wade's cup, and I reckon the ref is about to dock him a point. He does and it's justified.

Halfway through, Wade pelts Lipeng with a medley of front-leg side kicks. Double lefts on the way in for Wade. Lipeng dings him back with a right. Wade ducks under a combo and hits a double-leg takedown, falling into half guard. With Lipeng's head crammed into the fence, Wade tries to pin an arm with his leg but can't from half guard. Lipeng spins into him and stands but Wade uses a quarter nelson to maintain control. 10-9 Wade; 10-8 with the point deduction.

R3: Wade times a double leg and uses it to put Lipeng back on the fence. Lipeng spikes down a hard elbow, then circles Wade onto the cage. With an underhook, Lipeng tries a sneaky inside trip but loses his balance, allowing Wade to counter and take top position. Wade passes from half guard to side mount but Lipeng escapes before he can hop onto his back. Lipeng puts Wade on the cage with the body lock but again stumbles on his trip attempt.

Wade counters with the front headlock, then craftily picks an ankle to ground Lipeng. Wade keeps Lipeng in the turtle position with a modified front headlock and bangs a few knees off his outside thigh. Now it's the body lock back-ride that keeps Wade in position, and he scores with a few right hands to close the frame. 10-9 Wade. I have it 30-27 his way.

  • Chris Wade defeats Zhang Lipeng by unanimous decision (30-26 x 3)

Patrick Holohan vs. Shane Howell

R1: They both loosen punches and Holohan scores first with a left kick to the ribs. Howell answers with a counter combination. Holohan is knifing in and out of range, switching stances and faking level changes. He shrinks the distance and attacks the waist of Howell, completing a double leg. Holohan smoothly transitions to back control and shellacks Howell in the head with a hard elbow, then cinches on the body triangle with his back resting on the fence.

Holohan traps an arm with his legs and gets innovative by wrist-locking Howell's other hand and wrenching a one-armed rear-naked choke. It looks like Howell might go out but he survives and Holohan switches gears with a Gable-grip rear-naked choke. Again, Howell somehow perseveres. Holohan keeps the body-triangle back control until the closing moments when Howell manages to escape. 10-8 Holohan.

R2: Howell backs Holohan off with a check hook. Holohan presses forward and lands a short right, then switches stances and lands another. Now it's a plunging left hand from the Irish aggressor. Holohan flings a long left and follows behind it to clinch, finishing a body-lock takedown. Howell sits up on the fence and underhooks the neck before his escape attempt but Holohan goes back to the body lock to keep him down.

Holohan switches to a more methodical strategy by maintaining position on top. Very little transpires for the remainder other than stifling top control from Holohan. 10-9 Holohan.

R3: Holohan stays tactical with short, measured bursts of straight punches and active circling. Howell, enjoying his first opportunity to take the initiative, comes forward to pester with short flurries. Holohan plays defense and evades most of it without offering any counters. They clinch up and Holohan sneaks into the rear waist-cinch, forcing Howell to his knees while locking on the body triangle and fishing for a rear-naked choke.

Holohan flattens Howell out and tightens the body triangle, then adds in some punches to the head toward the end of the round. 10-9 Holohan. I have it 30-26 his way.

  • Patrick Holohan defeats Shane Howell by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Johnny Case vs. Frankie Perez

R1: Case comes out busy with kicks but it's a sneaky Perez high kick that lands first. Perez scores a takedown a minute in, falling into Case's full guard. Case lands two sharp elbows from the bottom and Perez passes to half guard in the process. Case goes onto his hip in pursuit of a kimura and uses it to scramble free, then takes Perez down with a body-lock trip. Perez scoots to the fence and rests his back on it until Case changes his angle and drags him away from the cage. Perez closes his guard and holds an underhook.

Case frees himself from the underhook and postures up long enough to fire down a few shots. Perez keeps changing angles with his hips but Case stays on him and lands a few short forearms to the face. Perez rolls out and the ref restarts them on the feet after a brief stalemate. Perez loosens another left high kick with no warning and Case barely gets a glove in front of it. 10-9 Case.

R2: Perez opens with a low kick. Counter right hook lands for Perez but Case's responding combo has a little more oomph. Perez shoots and, after Case stuffs it, quickly transitions to a heel hook. Case steps over the hip to alleviate pressure and breaks the lock, then assumes top position. Case threatens to take Perez's back during an escape but settles for side mount after driving Perez back to the canvas. Perez stays slippery and stands up but Case gets in rear waist-cinch position before dumping Perez back down.

With Perez sitting upright on the cage, Case gets two-on-one wrist control but Perez breaks his grip before he can lock the kimura. They lock horns and Case once again ends up on top after Perez defaults to another leg lock attempt. With a minute left, Case has Perez on his back in the center of the cage and the activity of Perez starts to dwindle. 10-9 Case.

R3: Case tallies up two rights and a low kick to start the final stanza. Perez grazes with a quick-burst right. Case shoots and Perez initially halts it with the front headlock, but Case powers him down. Case takes the back on a scramble and then transitions to full mount, showering down a series of nasty forearms that persuade the ref to intervene.

  • Johnny Case defeats Frankie Perez by TKO (forearms) R3 1:54

Charles Rosa vs. Sean Soriano

R1: Rosa switches back and forth from southpaw and orthodox; both stances are notably closed. No dice on the low nor front kick from Rosa. Soriano grazes with a low kick. Rosa times a takedown on Soriano's next attempt and gets it, but falls right into a triangle. Soriano gets wrist control with one hand and adjusts his legs to cinch the choke with the other. After a prolonged battle, Rosa slips his head out and ejects. Back on the feet, Rosa measures distance with a right but eats a jab from Soriano. Rosa shoots but Soriano sidesteps it and we pause for some loose glove tape.

The restart at the halfway mark with Rosa landing a glancing body kick and Soriano answering a low kick. Rosa catches Soriano with a long right though it lands at the end of the arc. Rosa scores with a lead left, then an outside low kick to the thigh. Soriano is taken down after Rosa catches another low kick but he's quickly back up and separated. Soriano tags Rosa with a stiff left counter and a knee to the body. Soriano glances with another counter left as Rosa connects again, then stuffs the shot with good use of the front headlock. 10-9 Soriano.

R2: Rosa checks a low kick but can't fend off the resulting combo and low kick from Soriano. They both score on a mutual flurry. Now it's Soriano who catches a Rosa kick, converting it into a takedown. Rosa immediately angles for a leg lock but Soriano shuts it down. Rosa gets back up and Soriano trips him back to the floor, and the same sequence repeats. Rosa again turns his hips for a leg lock but Soriano is wise to it.

Rosa craftily transitions to an armbar and it's deep; Soriano falls to his back and hand fights his way out of it. Soriano tries to escape and hit a counter trip but Rosa maintains top position after the scramble, falling into side mount. Now it's full mount for Rosa and Soriano is forced to give up his back. Both hooks in for Rosa with just over a minute left. Soriano peels a hook off and spins into Rosa, taking a knee and standing up. Soriano shoots and Rosa stuffs it initially, then falls back for another leg lock attempt. They scramble back to their feet and Rosa falls back for a Peruvian necktie. 10-9 Rosa.

R3: Soriano lands a one-two. Rosa answers with his hands. Soriano lands a right on the clinch break, then a sharp low kick. Soriano cracks him another low kick and Rosa's lead leg is getting a bit tenderized. Rosa changes levels on the next Soriano kick and hits the takedown. Rosa quickly returns to back control but Soriano slips out the back door and falls into his guard.

Rosa immediately ties on another armbar and Soriano is forced to lift Rosa and power-bomb his way out of it. Rosa takes top position in the scramble, then pursues a D'arce choke as Soriano stands up. Soriano pulls his head out and they reset in the center. Soriano fires a punch low and Rosa times another reactive takedown. Now Rosa cinches on a guillotine as Soriano is escaping, then uses it to sweep and transitions to a topside D'arce choke. Soriano is forced to tap.

  • Charles Rosa defeats Sean Soriano by submission (D'arce choke) R3 4:43

Fight Pass Results

Sean O'Connell vs. Matt Van Buren

R1: O'Connell wades forward aggressively but Van Buren lands two punches off his back foot, then a left body kick. O'Connell puts him on the fence to jam his strikes but Van Buren separates and goes back to work in open space. Though Van Buren doesn't land anything monumental, the deficit in the striking department seems evident. O'Connell clinches up again and Van Buren cross-faces to create space, lands a knee downstairs and then escapes unscathed after a short struggle. Van Buren keeps switch stances and it seems to befuddle O'Connell.

O'Connell, who's barging forward in a straight line, catches Van Buren with a glancing right. Van Buren answers with a punch before O'Connell ties him up again. O'Connell throwing shots in the clinch but Van Buren calmly deflects the lion's share. O'Connell lands again but Van Buren continues to cross-face and counter with knees to the body. Now Van Buren spikes down an elbow as O'Connell fishes for underhooks. 10-9 Van Buren.

R2: O'Connell trudges forward to connect and Van Buren maintains clinch space and bombs more knees to the body. They separate and Van Buren beautifully times a step-in knee from distance that thuds home. Lead left scores for Van Buren. O'Connell grazes with a left counter, then with two more short punches as Van Buren gets a little lax defensively.

O'Connell, despite being on the wrong end of the exchanges, remains undaunted and finally dings Van Buren with a stiff shot. Though Van Buren looked a little unsteady on the feet, O'Connell clinches up again until the referee steps in to replace a mouthpiece. O'Connell goes back to the clinch and eats a knee downstairs. 10-9 O'Connell.

R3: Van Buren starts out staying active from distance with a front kick and another nicely timed step-in knee to the body. O'Connell, still sticking with the straight-line slugging, connects with a shot downstairs. Now O'Connell thunders another right hand that stuns Van Buren, then steps back and plasters Van Buren with two more, and he goes down. Van Buren gets back up but O'Connell is right there waiting to plug him with a few more rights. Van Buren looks out on his feet and the ref steps in to wave it off.

  • Sean O'Connell defeats Matt Van Buren by TKO (punches) R3 2:11

Tateki Matsuda vs. Joby Sanchez

R1: Matsuda plasters Sanchez with an overhand right 30 seconds in and it staggers him. Sanchez flings out a pair of left kicks, seemingly recovered. Matsuda hammers another right through the guard of Sanchez, then grazes with another in a follow-up combo. Sanchez lands a left body kick but it looks to land with the foot. Now Sanchez returns the favor, dropping Matsuda with an overhand right of his own.

Sanchez pounces, falling into the half guard of Matsuda, who controls posture well enough to recover. Sanchez bravely pursues a leg lock and Matsuda easily defends, and they reset on the feet. Sanchez looking to establish range with a probing jab. Matsuda knocks out the support leg of Sanchez with a low kick but he's right back up. They end the frame trading at a fairly even clip. 10-10 for the mutual right hands and no clear edge on either side.

R2: Sanchez closes the distance but gets stung by a few sharp counters from Matsuda. Sanchez hits a takedown but can't keep Matsuda grounded, and they restart standing a minute in. Matsuda has curiously switched to countering and attacking with his left instead of the straight right he was landing. Now Matsuda heaves a right but it only grazes; Sanchez can't hit the reactive takedown.

Clubbing right hook counter lands for Matsuda. And another that glances of Sanchez's head. Short left scores for Matsuda, who's dictating the tempo thus far. Counter left to the body lands for Matsuda, who's side-stepping Sanchez and countering well. 10-9 Matsuda.

R3: Matsuda backs Sanchez off with a combo and then lands a sharp jab. Sanchez returns the favor. Matsuda goes down to a knee in an exchange but it looked like a slip. Sanchez heaves a high kick, then another, both of which are defended. Matsuda pops Sanchez with a clean right off his back foot, then closes his combo with a left hook that glances. Sanchez sneaks an uppercut in and Matsuda catches Sanchez with a right.

Sanchez takes the lead in the round by bobbing Matsuda's head back with a heavy right hand that puts him on roller-skates, then follows with another. Matsuda topples and Sanchez follows him to the ground. Matsuda is back up after an uneventful sequence but Sanchez thwacks him with another right and takes him back down. 10-9 Sanchez. I have it a 29-29 draw.

  • Joby Sanchez defeats Tateki Matsuda by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 30-27)