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Conor McGregor does not see Jones scandal as cautionary tale: I’m minding my own business

UFC featherweight Conor McGregor discusses his upcoming match-up against Dennis Siver as well as whether he is the latest incarnation of Chael Sonnen.

While Jon Jones' positive drug test for cocaine metabolites did hit a little close to home for rising star Conor McGregor, he does not see this as a cautionary tale for his own career trajectory.

Jones, who tested positive following a Dec. 4 out-of-competition drug test, was fined $25,000 and placed in rehabilitation in the immediate aftermath of the news being announced.

While McGregor is disappointed to see "good guy" Jones go through such tribulations following a fantastic title victory, he does not think this is a learning experience for his own circle of friends.

"I feel for the guy. Jon is a good guy. I've met him numerous times. He's a good man. It is a pity what happened to him and I hope he gets help. It is what it is. I cannot put myself in another man's mind frame. I'm focused on meself (sic) and my own journey. I keep my circle small - nobody gets in and nobody gets out.

"I'm minding my own business and doing my own thing."

Asked if he could see any similarities between himself and retired fighter Chael Sonnen, McGregor said that he could not understand the comparison, and that fans have always compared him to others they hold dear.

"Chael is a cool guy; I like him but I don't think we are similar. I think we are different people. It is what it is - people make comparisons everyday. The other day it was Muhammad Ali, a while ago it was the Diaz brothers.

"This is what people do, but I am me. Nobody but me."