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The MMA Prospectus - UFC Fight Night: McGregor vs. Siver & the Bloody Elbow 2015 FW scouting report

Zane Simon & T.P. Grant have returned, with Sherdog's Patrick Wyman to talk about all the ins and outs of prospect scouting in MMA.

It's good times over at the MMA Prospectus. We've nearly got our featherweight scouting report wrapped up, with middleweight drifting on the horizon, promising a whole new division of interesting riches. So, since we're nearly done, we're running down all the talent on our FW list to give our loyal (or masochistic) viewers an audio/video breakdown of the talent we've been searching out.

We're also giving a quick rundown of the prospective talent on the UFC Fight Night: McGregor vs. Siver card tomorrow, as there are some interesting fighters on the rise who will really have a chance to shine.

Here's the fighters we're talking about for UFC Fight Night Boston:

And for those who have yet to encounter our featherweight prospect list, here are the fighters on it:

  1. Tom Duquesnoy
  2. Magomed Magomedov & Abdurahman Temirov
  3. Felipe Froes
  4. Kenny Jordan
  5. Nikolas Motta
  6. Pavel Vitruk
  7. Khusein Askhabov
  8. Mike Grundy
  9. Alexander Matmuratov
  10. Anzor Azhiev

And, of course, if our Ooyala player isn't working for you, you can watch the video here, on YouTube. If you find yourself watching there, remember to give the video a like, and subscribe to MMANATIONDOTCOM, for more of Bloody Elbow's video content.

Audio Only Version:

MMA Prospectus: FN Boston & FW Scouting Report AUDIO ONLY