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Dana White concerned about Jon Jones’ cocaine use: There is definitely something wrong

UFC President Dana White delves into the Jon Jones cocaine scandal and whether the light-heavyweight champion requires rehabilitation.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones tested positive for cocaine metabolites and was immediately entered into a drug rehabilitation facility that same day. However, Jones added to the scandal when it was reported that he had left rehab after only spending a day at the facility.

Jones' mother, Camille Jones, fanned the flames when she added that Jones plans to attend the AFC title game this coming Sunday.

Although this caused immediate outrage in the MMA community, with fans and pundits labeling Jones' actions as nothing more than a PR stunt, UFC President Dana White was adamant that the report was incorrect.

"When Jon Jones comes out and speaks - and he will soon - he can clear all that up," White told The Jim Rome Show.

While the drug test was administered on Dec. 4, the results were not revealed until several days following Jones' Jan. 3 title defense at UFC 182. To add to the dilemma, the Nevada State Commission chose not to punish the champ for the drug test because cocaine is not a banned substance out of competition and the commission was only supposed to test for performance-enhancing drugs.

In all cases, the test results were released, and White was left with one reaction: horror.

"I was horrified. I didn't see that one coming. I didn't expect that. They're testing for PEDs, and three weeks before the toughest fight of his life against probably the toughest fighter he's ever fought - I didn't expect that result."

As far as White is concerned, if you are capable of using street drugs just weeks ahead of the biggest fight of your career, you certainly have a problem.

"There's definitely something wrong if you're doing that three weeks before the biggest fight of your life."

After having several conversations with Jones since the fallout of UFC 182, White is not shy to admit that has never been easy dealing with Jones.

"He's been a bit of a handful," White said. "He's a young with an extreme amount of talent and has done some incredible things, but he's been a bit of a handful."