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Donald Cerrone won’t allow Ben Henderson to control the fight: That s*** won’t be happening

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UFC lightweight competitor Donald Cerrone discusses his short notice trilogy match-up against Benson Henderson.

Most fighters look forward to some time off after a hard fought victory - even if it is just a few short days before returning to the gym. Donald Cerrone, however, is right back to cutting weight for a fight just over two weeks later in Boston - against former lightweight champion Benson Henderson, nonetheless.

It is just part of what makes Cerrone a fan favourite - his so-called ‘fighter spirit.' Yet even he is not certain why he decided to take such a challenging fight on short notice.

"Why not (take the fight)?" asked Cerrone. "I'm in shape. Ben (Henderson) is a dangerous guy. I shouldn't take him on short notice, but it kind of works against him as well. He doesn't expect me on short notice.

In their previous two encounters, Henderson has come out the victor. Their first fight, which took place in October 2009, is still considered to be one of the best clashes in WEC history. However, with an 0-2 record against Henderson, Cerrone knows he needs to change his approach against the former champion.

"My mentality (is different). In the first fight I let Ben just play in my guard for the first two rounds and work for submissions. That s*** won't be happening (this time)."