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Ian McCall's ex-wife claims she has pressed charges against Mayhem Miller for alleged assault

Ian McCall's ex-wife, Shay, claims to have been 'strangled' by Mayhem Miller and says she has pressed charges against the MMA fighter. She has also posted photos of bruises from the alleged assault.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Could be more legal troubles for Jason Miller as the former UFC fighter is mired in another controversy. This time, it involves Ian McCall's ex-wife Shay McCall, who says she has filed charges against 'Mayhem' after allegedly being assaulted earlier this week.

She spoke about it on social media and even posted photos of the injuries she's sustained from the alleged incident.

"3 days I was physco ally assaulted by #mayhem #miller #ufc just for confronting him on something I didn't want to be around. I was strangled.... Ext yes I did press charges."

"Thank you everyone for your support he will pay when reality kicks in.. If he ever does and he is in jail"

Mayhem has since responded to the allegations on twitter:

Miller has had multiple run ins with the law in the past. He was arrested on multiple counts of corporal injury of spouse, and was recently charged with resisting arrest and obstruction of justice after a 3-hour police stand off at his home

As for this incident, UFC's Ian McCall said the maters between Miller and his ex-wife is 'none of my business'.

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