Hard Knocks Champion working his striking game with the world’s best in Thailand still waiting for his UFC Call-up.

Ryan Dickson is in Bangkok, Thailand and growing impatient with the waiting game. Exclusive interview from Thailand with HKFC Lightweight Champion.

(Bangkok, Thailand, January 12, 2015) – After winning the Lightweight Title at Hard Knocks 38 in Calgary, Ryan Dickson (@rydmma) has been waiting for his call up. "I’ve had 12 pro fights and 6 as an amateur. My only losses are close decisions to guys fighting in the UFC and all my wins are via finish. What more do I have to do?" says Dickson immediately following his come from behind knockout of Dave Mazany. (you can check out the breakdown of the fight here

The 25-year-old Dickson is currently on his second stint in Thailand working his striking game with "some of the world’s best." Dickson had a busy 2014 by MMA standards with four fights against tough opponents, all wins, capping it off by winning the Hard Knocks Lightweight Crown. "When I see guys in there that do not belong in (the cage), that’s what pisses me off. What the UFC stands for is being that upper echelon league and when they bring in guys who are not deserving, that’s what frustrates me," says Dickson.

One of the fighters Ryan is frustrated about is Australian Vik Grujic, a fighter with a 7-4 record (1-2 UFC) including a loss to Dickson’s Hard Knocks 38 opponent, Dave Mazany. "With Vik Grujic, he gets a fight (in the UFC) and I think Mazany should be mad. Mazany choked him out, and I knocked out Mazany, but he gets the fight" Dickson says he understands that hometown fighters will sometimes get the push to sell tickets. "When I fight for Hard Knocks, I’m the hometown guy because I’m up against Americans, but ultimately, there comes a point when it should just be the best guys in (the cage)."

Dickson is currently in an all-comers mode, and is happy to fight anyone. "If I don’t get a call from the UFC in the next month while I’m here, then as soon as I get back I’ll be looking for a fight." Though Dickson didn’t mention any names, there are a number of tough lightweights lining up to try and take the Champion’s belt. "I’m hoping to get the call from the UFC, but if not, I’d be happy to fight with the (Hard Knocks Fighting Championship) and defend my belt."

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