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UFC legend Chuck Liddell supports 'good dude' Jon Jones after cocaine scandal

TMZ caught up with the UFC Hall of Famer and Zuffa executive and got his thoughts on the man who holds the belt he made famous.

As the man who made the UFC Light Heavyweight title a big deal in American sports, Chuck Liddell presumably has a pretty good handle on the kinds of temptations faced by the current champ Jon JonesTMZ caught up with Liddell and got his comments on Jones in the aftermath of a positive test result for cocaine that sent Jones to rehab for one day.

"He's gonna be fine, trust me," Liddell told the world's leading tabloid. "He made a mistake. Give the guy a break."

Liddell had his own issues with the high life when he wore the belt. Most notoriously, a 2007 Good Morning Texas TV appearance in which he appeared to have been shot with animal tranquilizers before going on the air.

Liddell's supportive comments jibe with the official Zuffa line which has lauded their biggest star for taking the necessary steps to clean up and get help following the drug test fiasco. No one from Zuffa has commented on Jones' decision to spend one day in rehab.

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