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Joe Lauzon on CM Punk: 'I would love to be on that card'

Joe Lauzon thinks that CM Punk coming into the UFC is a big positive, and he would be very interested in competing on the same card as the former pro wrestler.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Other than the Jon Jones drug testing debacle, the biggest news from the UFC over the past couple of months was the signing of former pro wrestler Phil Brooks, better known as CM Punk. A litany of fighters have offered their opinion on the signing of Punk, who has no MMA experience. Some opinions have been positive, others negative. One guy who recently offered a favorable opinion was Joe Lauzon, who has been with the company for almost a decade now.

Lauzon spoke to MMA Sucka about the signing and says he'd love to fight on the same card as Punk:

"Anyone would be a fool to not want to fight on that card. When Brock Lesnar first came, he was a huge draw. Then he goes out there and wins the freakin’ title. Do I think CM Punk is going to go out there and win the title? Probably not. He’s not even exactly sure what weight class he’s going to be in. So I don’t think he has everything as figured out as he would like, but I would love to be on that card."


"CM Punk is going to bring a lot of eyeballs to that fight, to that event and that’s good for everyone. That’s good for the UFC, that’s good for FOX, that’s good for every other fighter that’s on that card and it’s great for whoever he’s fighting."

Lauzon (24-9, 11-6 UFC) meets Al Iaquinta (10-3-1, 5-2 UFC) on the main card of UFC 183 on January 31st.

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