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Report: Did Jon Jones hide from a drug test?

There may be more controversy headed Jon Jones' way.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The story of fame and money attracting people and those people attracting problems is not a new story. For every story of incredible success and wealth there invariably seems to be a seedy side, reports of trouble. MMA has been no different, it's stars no more averse to the potential problems that wealth and fame can bring. The latest of those is, of course, Jon Jones, who's recent positive test for cocaine in an out of competition drug test prompted a trip to rehab... that, if recent stories are to be believed, lasted about a day.

Now, Deadspin is reporting that at least some of Jones' problems may be rooted in his entourage:

"I think he has a problem," someone close to Jones told me last week, adding that it was unlikely Jones would get real help. "He doesn't have the right people around him." (Jones's manager, Malki Kawa, persistently comes up as the worst of his influences, which probably isn't a surprise to anyone who's ever had to deal with him.)

From the sound of things, Jones has also been passing off the failed test, to those close to him, as the result of a one-time mistake, and not part of a long term problem as several sources have indicated it may be. The Deadspin article also included a rumor (posed as a question) that Jones may have once hid "under the cage when a tester showed up at his gym unannounced."

With these kinds of allegations being floated, it may be some time before the UFC's light heavyweight champ finds himself free of controversy.