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Johny Hendricks contemplating move to middleweight or retirement if put through another terrible weight cut

Although the UFC 181 title fight ended in a razor-thin split decision, most could tell that Johny Hendricks was not himself.

The former champion endured a terrible weight cut ahead of his rematch against Robbie Lawler, as was evident from his lethargic movements in the later stages of the fight. In fact, it was such a dreadful process that Hendricks contemplated retirement just to shield himself from another such cut.

"It was either [change his approach] or retire," Hendricks said. "That's how bad that weight cut was."

The fault was Hendricks' own. He allows himself to put on unnecessary weight between fights with his poor diet choices in the hopes that his nutritionist will help him make the contracted weight.

"It's been half my fault. I can't do that weight cut. I can't balloon up to 218 and think that [Mike] Dolce can get me down to weight. That's where I'm taking the responsibility. I'm walking around at '95, and I'm getting my muscle mass back, I'm looking to get my body weight back."

Since he decided to take more responsibility with his weight, Hendricks has noticed some changes in his training. Instead of feeling weak and tired, he has regained his energy and power.

"You feel like you're hitting hard again. That makes me happy. It will help with my wrestling or anything."

Hendricks is scheduled to meet Matt Brown in the main event of UFC 185 in Texas. If he successfully makes weight without much trouble, he plans to stay put in the division. However, another bad weight cut will see him move to middleweight or retire.

"If it does, than yes, I'll have to be 185 or be done. I don't think my body can handle another one like that."

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