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Lorenzo Fertitta: 'We just wanted to get you guys pissed off' by focusing ads on McGregor and ignoring Siver

Lorenzo Fertitta says that the UFC decision to mostly ignore Dennis Siver in ads for Sunday night's fight with Conor McGregor was a strategic one.


One focal point of discussion in the lead up to Sunday night's UFC event and the main event of Conor McGregor vs Dennis Siver has been that the UFC has seemingly ignored Siver completely in the advertising and build-up. We know--or at least the UFC has claimed--that McGregor gets a title shot if he wins, McGregor was featured in a lengthy interview on the UFC 182 main card PPV broadcast, the advertisements rarely, if ever, mention Siver..etc.

Lorenzo Fertitta is now saying that this was all a part of the UFC's plan and that Siver will get a sort of last minute push from the promotion.

"It was a teaser," Fertitta told MMA Junkie. "When you start to see the promos this week, it will all be about the fight, Dennis Siver and what he’s accomplished."

He even suggested that the entire idea of mostly ignoring Siver being a bit of a plan, suggesting that they were relying on upsetting fans/media with the approach they took to this point, "It was kind of just a taste, and also we just wanted to get you guys pissed off and riled up." Fertitta seems pleased with the results, "I think it’s worked well. It’s got people talking."

Fertitta did stress that fans should expect to see more from Siver as we get closer and closer to fight night on Sunday.

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