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Jim Ross: CM Punk very serious about MMA, may do a lot better than people think

Good Ol’ JR discusses CM Punk’s move to MMA and whether he believes the former wrestler can succeed in the UFC.

While most have not shied away from offering their opinions on CM Punk's involvement in MMA, few have had the privilege of working alongside him like former VP of talent relations in the WWE, Jim Ross.

Ross, a vocal fan of the UFC, explained that Punk's decision to join the UFC as a late stage in his professional career was all the more reason for him to take the opportunity seriously.

"He is very serious," Ross told Inside MMA. "He has always been very respectful, a student of the game in MMA. I think he saw Father Time tapping him on the shoulder and basically saying ‘it's now or never so you better get started.'

"So, I know he is very serious about it."

That appears to be the case, as Punk recently announced that he would train for his UFC debut at Roufusport alongside lightweight champion Anthony Pettis, One FC champion Ben Askren, and under the tutelage of renowned coach Duke Roufus.

Apart from the physical preparation, Ross has no doubt that he will be mentally prepared for his new endeavor as well.

"Fighters come in a lot of shapes, forms and sizes. I think the best fighters are smart, intelligent, and have a feel for the game. I really believe that he has a feel for the game. It is hard to say, but he'll be well prepared mentally and physically. He's a warrior; he has that spirit.

"He will have a great sense of urgency and may do a lot better than people think."

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