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Mike Winkeljohn on Jon Jones's cocaine use: I'm pissed off because it's not good for his long term life

Jon Jones' coach says he isn't happy about his star pupil's failed drug test, but will be standing behind him as he learns from this experience.

Mike Winkeljohn had another appearance with Submission Radio, and among the discussed various topics he discussed was Jon Jones' failed test for cocaine. According to the Jackson's MMA coach, he was disappointed when he first found out, but trusts that the UFC champ will learn a lot from this experience:

"I was surprised by it. I know they had drug tested him. I didn’t know anything had come up. I was unaware of it, and we're disappointed, but at the same time we’re glad that Jon is taking the steps necessary to solve this problem. And he's young. Everybody’s made mistakes, and I’m not the one that....I mean I’ll give him a hard time when we talk about it next again, but we’re still standing behind Jon, and we like to have him around. He's got a great heart, he treats his teammates well, he treats his coaches well, he treats the family well. It just it sucks that that happened. It’s sad to see him put himself in that position, but with that being said I think the future's bright for Jon. He will learn from it and go forward"

"Well you know it is a big deal and we take it serious because we want the best for Jon. I want him to grow of course. So I think it is a big deal. I’m glad it’s being considered a big deal, but as far as the fans and the outsiders taking it to discredit his fight, or I think a lot of it has to do with wanting to see him fall because he’s on top. So they're doing it for the wrong reasons."

"I’m pissed off about it and not happy about it because it’s not good for Jon Jones long term life wise. He’s got to be better for he himself, his family, and the people that look up to him. But a lot of people are down on Jon Jones 'cause they want to see the great ones fall; because they don’t feel good about themselves. So they have to see the winner lose, and that sucks for them, for those individuals that spend their whole day on the internet, telling everybody all of the bad things that Jon Jones did. I’m thinking to myself, get a life."

Listen to the entire interview above (from 1:10:12 mark) where he talks about Donald Cerrone's short notice fight against Ben Henderson, the newly booked bout between Alistair Overeem and Roy Nelson, and Holly Holm.

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