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Video: Bloody Elbow Muay Thai review of the year

Bloody Elbow's Kyle McLachlan and the man behind 'Muay Ties' Timo Ruge wax lyrical about the past year of Muay Thai, and give their picks for the best fighter, best fight, best knockout and many more.

2014 saw Bloody Elbow amp up their coverage of the brilliant Muay Thai scene in Bangkok, and it wouldn't have been possible without Timo Ruge filming the fights in glorious HD from ringside.

So what better way to look over the highs and lows of last year than with the man with whose eyes we have seen the fights through?

I won't spoil our picks, but these out the categories we discussed:

-Story of the year

-Fighter of the year

-Fight of the year

-Warrior of the year

-Knockout of the year

-Moment of the year

-Rivalry of the year

-'Rising star' for 2015

I will post links to the fights and fighters we discussed in the comment section if our discussion compels you to check these warriors out (and why wouldn't it?)

I apologise for my awful camera quality, had some issues with it today. Probably for the best that I am out of focus but still, my apologies, and I hope the audio content makes up for it. It's not better on youtube (changing to 720p makes my collaborator in Bangkok look better though) but here is the link if you have any issues with the embedded video.