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Tweet of the Day: The 'other' Jon Jones rewarded by Reebok for dealing with all the online hate

A different Jon Jones was getting a lot of the heat from the real Jon Jones' cocaine debacle, so Reebok rewarded him with a shirt for being a good sport.

Jon Jones, the UFC light heavyweight champion, has social media accounts under @JonnyBones, while Jon Jones, random art outsourcing manager holds the @JonJones account. When the former is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the planet who is currently in the middle of a whole cocaine debacle, it's easy to imagine the constant heat the 'other' Jon Jones has been receiving from all the online mix ups.

The @JonJones account has been on twitter two years earlier than the UFC fighter's, so the mix up has been going on for a while now. As the whole cocaine controversy upped the mix-ups and the vitriol spewed by online trolls, Reebok has apparently sent him a care package for being a good sport about everything:

Now, how do they deal with the subsequent mix ups, where people assumed that Reebok just sent the UFC champ even more swag for taking coke? Because apparently that' a real thing. Never change, internet. Never change.

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