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Video: Duke Roufus and CM Punk talk first week of training, Jim Ross says the WWE star will surprise people

Duke Roufus says CM Punk 'is a sponge' as they discuss the former WWE star's first week of training in Roufusport

Duke Roufus and CM Punk appeared at Inside MMA to talk about their first week of training together at Roufusport. According to his new head coach, the former WWE star is very coachable and has the right mindset about training.

"I think he's very good," Roufus said of Punk's ability, "What's impressed me the most about the Punk is his attitude, his hunger, and his work ethic. The guy is a sponge."

"What I like about this is that he comes to me with a very open mind, so I can mold him. He's trained, but he's really easy to mold. That's something I've done with Anthony Pettis, his brother, and the other guys who started from the beginning with us."

According to Punk, most of his early training with Roufusport so far has been more focused on one-on-one sessions rather than actual sparring just yet. He also says that he's been losing a lot of weight in training, so while middleweight has been suggested earlier on, his final weight class is yet to be determined.

"There’s never been a list of guys. We’ve never talked about potential opponents. I think originally Dana, myself and Lorenzo all said 185. When I had my initial meeting they flew out to Chicago I was walking around at like 220," Punk said. "Then I trained in LA with Rener and Ryron, and the weight just keeps coming off and keeps coming off. So once we nail down that I’m sure in about six months we might entertain who I would fight."

Also appearing on the show is long time WWE staple Jim Ross, who spoke about CM Punk's chances in the sport. Watch the interview below: