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The MMA Prospectus: UFC 182 and the regional variances in MMA

The MMA Prospectus has returned, and it's better than ever... I hope.

Well, Grant has finally stopped rubbing himself on OSU memorabilia long enough to appear on camera (hopefully with pants), but he's not so far out of the woods that he didn't take a perverse pleasure in watching Cody Garbrandt recreate OSU vs. Alabama all over again. Beyond that, we're once again joined by Sherdog's Patrick Wyman, to talk about the great prospect performances of UFC 182 (and the not as great), and then launch into a much larger than anticipated discussion about the regional variations in different MMA circuits. What makes Russia different from Brazil, and both countries different than the US? How do the UK, Japan, and Poland fit into this?

We had more planned, but this thing can only go on so long at any one time, before Pat gets all cranky and needs a nap and a snack. If our Ooyala player isn't working for you, you can watch the whole thing over on the new MMANATION channel, on Youtube. And if you happen to swing by there, remember to give the video a like.


MMA Pospspectus: UFC 182 & regional MMA variation - AUDIO ONLY