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Jon Jones believes he did not lie under oath to the Nevada Athletic Commission

UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones is certain he did not lie under oath to the Nevada Athletic Commission regarding his Nike deal.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The UFC 178 media day brawl between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier was believed to be, not only the main catalyst for the hype that ensued, but also why Jones lost his sponsorship with multinational apparel corporation Nike.

However, during a conference call on Monday afternoon, the UFC's light-heavyweight champion let slip that it was far from the main reason, and that Nike was on its way out of the MMA space anyway.

This appeared to a quite the concern, as Jones had informed the commission - under oath - that he had "already been punished" for the brawl and has lost several current/potential deals due to the unfortunate incident, including his Nike endorsement.

"I've faced some punishment already," Jones told the commission during his hearing. "I've lost a very big endorsement of mine - one of my biggest. I've lost people who were interested in sponsoring me. Those were going to be gigantic deals."

However, Jones later backtracked and explained that he "technically" did not lie under oath.

"The fight sped up the process of my losing my Nike deal," Jones said (via "I had like thousands of dollars of credit left on my Nike account that I never got to spend. I had several months of monthly revenue money that I never got to receive ... So I lost several thousand dollars because of that fight, so technically that fight was the reason for thousands of dollars being out of my bank that I couldn't receive. So technically, there's, they have nothing to come back on me for."

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