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Mark Schultz tweets his extreme anger with the director of Foxcatcher, Bennett Miller

The new film Foxcatcher depicts events from the life of Olympic gold medalist wrestler Mark Schultz, played by Channing Tatum. Yesterday (December 31, 2014), Schultz took to twitter to compose a long, rage-filled, invective aimed at the film's director, Bennett Miller

Mark Schultz, a UFC veteran and one of the very best collegiate and freestyle wrestlers the United States has ever produced, is extremely angry at Bennett Miller, the director of the recent film Foxcatcher. The basis of the film comes from Schultz's autobiography, and the Olympic gold medalist has taken to various forms of media, social and otherwise, to express his displeasure with the movie's depiction of him and of some of the events in his life.

Something happened yesterday, however, which led to something far greater than mere displeasure on Schultz's part. The wrestling great took to Twitter and aimed a rage-filled rant at the director, apparently wishing death upon him, and, it appears, calling him a "punk" and a "pussy". Below, screen shots from the rant appear (they have since been deleted).

It started off tamely enough, but then something really set Schultz off.

If Bloody Elbow discovers the source of Mark Schultz's anger, we will share it with you.