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Thiago Silva explains alleged domestic assault of ex-wife: They couldn't prove anything, that's the truth.

UFC light-heavyweight Thiago Silva explains his side in the alleged domestic assault of his ex-wife.

Not only did Thiago Silva deny all the allegations placed in front of him during his first public appearance since the February altercation, he claimed that the alleged victim, ex-wife Thaysa Kamiji designed the scheme that brought about his arrest.

"The truth is they didn't find no proof," Silva told's Ariel Helwani on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour. "I never pointed any gun at my ex-wife, I never tried to hurt (her). Everything she said was a lie. So that's the truth. The state, they couldn't prove another thing, so that's the truth."

According to Silva, the dispute came down to a basic issue: Thaysa waned his money, while he wanted a divorce. He intended on getting the divorce but refused to pay any money, which led to the falsified allegations.

"Here the thing," Silva continued. "I didn't do nothing. She said I pointed a gun at her, I tried to hurt her. I didn't point any gun, I didn't try to hurt her, you know? I wanted divorce, she wanted money, I didn't want to give the money, she set me up, that's the truth."

While Helwani attempted to pursue the case further, Silva refused to open up on the details in the situation, instead switching the discussion to his professional career.

"I don't want to talk about that," he stated firmly. "I'm here to talk about my professional fights, my comeback to the UFC. I really don't want to talk about my [personal] life. I think that's not good for me. I don't want to work with this anymore. I'm done with that."

While Silva made it clear he does not care what people think, he believes they will forget this incident anyhow. He intends to rehabilitate his knee following a torn ACL and will complete under the UFC banner sometime in 2015.

"I don't care what people think," Silva said. "I'm going to do my job. I'm going to keep focusing on my training, and that's it. They will forget. They always do. I just can control what I do, not other people. So they can say whatever they want, but I'll be ready next year healthy, stronger, and fighting hard I always do."

Silva also mentioned that he holds no grudges against Dana White or other UFC officials for releasing him in February. Instead, he is grateful that they showed good faith and resigned him when the "truth came out."

"I'm just glad the truth came out," Silva added. "[The UFC] trust me, they knew I didn't do nothing, so they gave me my job back. So I'm very glad for this."

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