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Documents show why case against Thiago Silva was closed out officially

New documents have been released detailing why the aggravated assault case against newly re-signed UFC light-heavyweight, Thiago Silva was dropped.

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Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Late last week it was announced that the UFC had re-signed Light-heavyweight, Thiago Silva back to their roster after aggravated assault charges against him in the state of Florida were dropped. It was a move that left many wondering if this was the smartest move for the organization. Deadspin reports that documents have been released from Broward State Attorney's Office detailing how Silva's ex-wife Thaysa had made an impromptu move back to Brazil at the beginning of July, which ultimately led to the case being closed.

According to documentation from detectives, Thaysa appeared to be uncooperative from the very beginning, refusing to speak directly with detectives and further refusing to provide necessary evidence pertaining to the case. She then voluntarily dismissed the Injunction for Protection against Thiago and became conspicuously unavailable until inquiries were made in June about moving back to Brazil.

On July 4th, Thaysa boarded a plane to Brazil, and has not returned. In late August, detectives found their shared residence empty, and then closed out the case officially. Here are the documents:

Thiago Silva Nolle Prosequi Memo